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Upscale Downhome Cookin'

“I make this, but I don’t do it like that.” Fun cookbook-and-more with fresh takes on everyday meals and entertaining. For instance, there’s grilled GUACAMOLE, Balsamic Bacon-wrapped MEAT LOAF, and a HAMBURGER Pot Pie—What? Many of the dishes are standards in my home already, but I can always use a new technique, flavor twist, or tips on converting to a Slow Cooker version. I plan to make the BBQ Root Beer Chicken with a side of GARLIC and HERB Accordion Potatoes with fresh herbs. I’m totally doing this instead of the tired baked potato. Plus, there’s great advice for Leftovers—new recipes like cheesy crispy wontons to use any uneaten dip. Or, BBQ Chicken Quesadillas from the Root Beer Chicken leftovers—like there would be any left… but… I could make extra just for leftovers :-)

Book Review:

Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes, All Gussied Up [Kindle Edition]

Author: Rachel Hollis

I love to receive a cookbook for review on the day I’m creating my weekly grocery list. I download the digital book immediately to my Kindle iCloud so I can access it on my 3 devices: laptop, iPad (used mainly in the kitchen), and iPhone where I maintain my shopping list. Quickly I skim through the pages using the new Page Flip which makes the first look super easy—-fast forward, or back, bookmark, and enjoy. IMO, this ebook displays best on my phone—technology continues to astound me.

Upscale Downhome: Family Recipes, All Gussied Up is exactly what it promises. Glancing through this book will definitely spark-up, or introduce you to, Southern/Californian recipes, and give you great tips for easing any entertaining jitters. Gift it to aspiring cooks, moms or dads who prepare family meals, and to the party challenged. With Rachel’s guidelines, “the List,” and a trip to the 99-cent Store, Big Lots, or Home Goods, your giftee is sure to have fun being the host/ess with the mostest!

Couple words of caution:

HAMBURGER Pot Pie was a super big hit with my family. However, I found that 1 pound of ground beef more than filled the 9 inch pie crust—2 pounds, as noted in the recipe, would have been twice the amount needed. I recommend testing any dishes prior to entertaining.

Watch out for the Orange SHERBET Church Punch. Many moons ago, my friend Judy & I made a lime version for a bridal shower. It goes down so deliciously you may drink way more than you should—I know we did!

We invite you to try the Turkey Chile recipe included

in our partner-review posted by Linda Kissam

Turkey Chile

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