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Stairs for book lovers

Customize your stairs for a whole new look with this cool design element. Use in your home or business. Find on Etsy here.

Quote from Easy: "This video shows how the decals are applied. Pick ANY title or saying you like! These stair riser decals are custom made for you. You paint your risers the color you want for the "book background" and I supply the decal that goes on top to make it look like a book. Make sense? I always proof the decals before you buy them. The decals come in the font & color you decide after we go back and forth until you LOVE them! I will use transfer tape to apply them. Lay the title where you want it, rub with credit card, and pull off transfer tape. Just the individual letters are stuck to your stair riser. When you prepare the risers of your steps, send the measurements & what you would like on each one. I will send you a picture of what they will look like before you buy. $15.00 for each step/riser. NOT A SET . . . $15.00 FOR EACH STEP. When you purchase your quantity will be the number of steps you have."

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