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What if I lived there?

It’s fun to travel—to visit places you’ve never been to before—but, it’s always great to get back home, right? While you’re there—at this place that’s nothing like home—do you think, “What if I moved here? What kind of job could I get, where would I live, who might I meet... Will my life change for the better? Or...

Book Review: Getting off on Frank Sinatra, a Copper Black Mystery

Author: Megan Edwards

Well, here’s a chance to find out how such a decision could affect your life. Moving from big city to small town USA is definitely a change. Trust me. I know. I did this myself a couple years ago. But, I have to admit my move proves, at least to this point, not near as eventful as Copper Black’s move from New York City to Las Vegas. This new novel by the author of Roads from the Ashes: An Odyssey in Real Life on the Virtual Frontier is a great read for a long flight. It’s light reading, yet engaging and keeps your attention. It works as a Calgon alternative at home, too.

Let Getting off on Frank Sinatra ‘take you away!’ You’ll not only solve a mystery or two (?) but you might learn something new about Vegas. For instance, did you know most neon signs in Vegas are leased? I didn’t. Book your hour-long guided-tour of the 6-acre Neon Boneyard in advance as they sell out fast!

Las Vegas Neon

Although restaurants and characters are mostly fictional, I’m betting the next time you visit Las Vegas you’ll be calculating which venues (and people?) best match Megan Edwards descriptions. In fact, figuring this out could be the focus for your next, or even first ‘grand adventure’ of Nevada’s Sin City. Be sure to give this book a read before you go—highlight the street names—remember them so you’ll better ‘blend in’ with the locals. And, if you don’t plan to visit, here’s a chance to experience Vegas as a young newswoman. Hum… what could go wrong?

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