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Jars of fresh eats

Calling crafty home chefs & cooks -- Have I got a cookbook for you.

Book Review: 150 Best Meals in a Jar, Salads, Soups, Rice Bowls & More

Author: Tanya Linton

Gotta make lunch for the family but rather be crafting? How about putting your imagination and artistic eye to work in the kitchen creating beauty in mason jars? But not just as art, as lunch. How? Take a look at Tanya Linton’s fun cookbook, 150 Best Meals in a Jar. There are a few photographs to get your creative juices flowing, and recipes for meals from breakfast to dessert that can be assembled and served in a mason jar. Seriously.

In typical Robert Rose publishing style, these recipes include “Tips” and “Variations” and an excellent introduction to assist you in creating the “Perfect Meal in a Jar.” As you might expect, the “Dos and Don’ts” are important. Sure, you could probably put the dry ingredients for an oatmeal chocolate-chip cookie in a jar and make it look appealing by layering color and texture, but would you intuitively know the order of a Shepard’s Pie with Lamb and Wilted Spinach or a Moroccan Couscous Salad? I’m guessing not and you’d have to experiment.

When you have this fun Meals in a Jar cookbook, all guesswork is eliminated. You, with the kids or with friends, can jump right into making beautiful looking meals—in a jar, ready to go—for fun, gifts, auctions and whenever you just want to! Consider a team-building experience… shop the ingredients, print a few recipes and let the team figure it out. Be creative with sharing your new found meal preparation skills and techniques for your next party, or gift the cookbook itself with a set of mason jars. You’ll likely get one back, beautifully crafted and ready to eat, as a thank you.


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150 Meals in a Jar

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Courtesy of 150 Meals in a Jar by Tanya Linton

©2016 Reprinted with publisher permission. Available where books are sold.

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