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What goes with murder?

Mr. Mustard did it with the candlestick in the. . . or did he? Escape to 1948 with all it’s post-war, post-prohibition, wise-guy drama through the eyes of a somewhat unsavory private investigator and would-be wine connoisseur. Frank Swiver, PI works to uncover the true motives of a group of unlikely companions who have at least two things in common—a murder and their love of wine. White with Fish, Red with Murder winds you around San Francisco, through Napa vineyards, and into the lives of a cast of characters. The twists and curves are reminiscent of California’s Northern coastline highway where if you take your eyes off the road you face peril. It’s a great, easy read—but there’s more.

Book Review: White with Fish, Red with Murder

Author: Harley Mazuk

White with Fish, Red with Murder Cover

I’m a die-hard real paper book kind of person but, especially if you’re a novice wine aficionado, like me, “Get the e-book.” Why? Because with e-books you can pause, highlight and click to learn the definition of a word. Better yet, you can highlight and Google to learn more about anything mentioned in the text. Authors often spend an enormous amount of time in research to offer readers a credible tale around fictional characters. E-books allow the reader to immediately “fact-check” elements of a story’s content.

It’s clear author Harley Muzak has done his wine homework. What could have simply been a great fictional novelette, also serves as a mini wine tutorial. And, I’m willing to bet my seasoned wine-tasting friends with their educated palates will enjoy comparing their “nose” with that of Muzak’s characters as they taste and compare. So, uncork a bottle of your favorite wine and cozy-up with White with Fish, Red with Murder. Whether you love wine, or mystery, or both, you will quickly get caught in this mystery until you solve the crime—or is it crimes?

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