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Undisclosed; Unacknowledged

Cover story, on top of a cover story, on top of a cover story, retold until truth and fiction become indistinguishable. Why or how does this happen? Is it by design? Could it be truth IS intentionally hidden, stories distorted, made-up, and some simply left in “plain sight” so we are too confused to discern facts from nonsense?

“The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

—former CIA Director William Colby.

Book Review: UNDISCLOSED, A Novel

by Steve Alten [2017]


Consider that today all forms of social media are used to disseminate, distract, dismay and disinform us about what is really going on in the world. On top of a plethora of news and “click-bait” headlines, our heads spin trying to understand it all until we simply shut down - tune it out.

UNDISCLOSED promises to keep you tuned-in - your mind on-fire.

Have you wondered, if you found out something truly important to mankind and frankly unbelievable is being hidden - covered up - could you keep it a secret? Would you lie to keep your job? What if it is a clean source of energy that would literally change the world? And, it is purposely being hidden by the government? Would you leak it? "There's no such thing as Zero-point-energy." Right. Or is there?

"It's a state secret," replied d'Artagnan, bluntly: "and as you know that, according to the king's orders, it is under the penalty of death any one should penetrate it, I will, if you like, allow you to read it and have you shot immediately afterwards.” —The Vicomte of Bragelonne (~1850)

Most of us think we know ourselves, but do we really? What's the test? Do we simply believe and accept, without reservation or further investigation? Trust but verify. How far would you go to to find out what’s real? Is “truth” ultimately subjective and not objective?

“Did you see it? Over there - 2 o’clock-ish?”

What is that?

“You don’t have a need to know.”

"Don’t I? "

Are conspiracy theories “fake news?” As one who worked for, USAPs (Undisclosed Special Access Programs) and told cover story on top of cover story, I can attest this practice is totally real and goes on every day. Ask yourself, "What would I do?" What is your life worth? What can you live with? Are YOU, was I, being told a "cover story?"

UNDISCLOSED, A Novel by Steve Alten is a fictional work, a sci-fi novel based in today’s politics with all its deceptions and hidden agendas. A page turner to be sure, it’s certain to keep you intrigued and conflicted as you unravel a tale of advanced technologies and top secret programs. Attempts to discern fact from fiction will challenge every reader. It is a clear companion to UNACKNOWLEDGED, An Expose of the World's Greatest Secret by Steven M. Greer, M.D. whose book advances controversial theories of calculated governmental obfuscation and secrecy of interstellar beings and visits - current and historic.

If you like to be challenged in your thinking and conclusions I wholly recommend you get both books. Read UNDISCLOSED, the fictional first, then pour over UNACKNOWLEDGED - decide for yourself where fiction ends and truth begins. I challenge you to figure that out and let us know where you stand on UFO’s and secret cover-ups.

My appreciation to Steve Alten for allowing me to review this new science fiction thriller, UNDISCLOSED, and to Dr. Steven M. Greer for his pursuit of the truth in UNACKNOWLEDGED.

Available where books are sold.

Reviewer Post-Script:

I recently read a article in which the author states,

“Infused throughout almost all these claims, behind their successful dissemination, is confirmation bias: the fuel that drives the spread of all propaganda and false or misleading claims among otherwise sensible and skeptical people. Confirmation bias is the tendency to look for, find, remember and share information that confirms the beliefs we already have, and the tendency to dismiss, ignore and forget information that contradicts those beliefs. It is one of the keys to why clever people, on all sides of every disagreement, sometimes believe stupid things that aren’t true.” —Dan MacGuill Jul 12th, 2017 [different subject]

Because cover stories are real. Because phenomenon happens everyday that cannot be rationally explained. Because you have a midbrain... Explore UNDISCLOSED, A Novel and UNACKNOWLEDGED - even if you don't think Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) are real - especially if you do.

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