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Bowling anyone?

The appeal of “bowling” is a homemade meal that fits in a bowl made more healthy, nutritious and interesting when utilizing a variety of grains.

Cookbook Review: Bowls of Plenty, Recipes for Healthy and Delicious Whole-Grain Meals

Author: Carolynn Carreño

Bowl of Plenty Book Cover

If you’re seeking a lovey new cookbook for gifting, give Bowls of Plenty. Tabletop quality with a beautiful message promoting healthy eating and the dignity of grains.

Every recipe includes a personal note from the author, Carolynn Carreño, James Beard award-winning food writer. The recipes are thoughtfully organized: Breakfast, Salads, Asian, Middle Eastern, Mexican and Dessert with guidance for shopping ingredients and recommended “equipment, tools and gadgets” to make preparation foolproof.

How many grains are there to choose from? Twenty-one—that’s right, 21—and each is described with a bit of history and cooking instructions. The grains chapter alone makes this book a valuable addition to your cooking repertoire. Combined with the suggestions of what to serve with these grains, it becomes quite a unique cookbook.

There are many healthy reasons to include more whole grains in our meals instead of the white flour and rice found in most American diets. In just a few generations we have found these processed products have caused us physical illness woes and weight gain. Whole grains, however, have been used for thousands of years and can improve digestion, contribute to reduced cholesterol and blood pressure, and reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke and cancer. Plus, they are tasty, have interesting texture, and frankly fun to cook.

After all, aren’t we tired of the typical fast food Teriyaki or Burrito bowls anyway? No? The family likes them, they’re easy to take to work, and we know what they taste like. Well, what if you could make better bowls? To get started, introduce yourself to new grains for breakfast. I tried the Four Grain ”Nutella” Porridge because who doesn’t love hazelnuts, chocolate and raspberry jam. I did have to visit Whole Foods Market to find the grains: millet, quinoa, amaranth and teff so that was a fun adventure in itself.

Coconut Millet Porridge – Beatriz da Costa

On the opposite page of the porridge is a recipe for Homemade Nut Milk. Try it. While at Whole Foods pick up a “nut milk bag” for straining and squeezing the milk from the ground nuts. And, don’t forget the raw almonds, hazelnuts and cashews, some vanilla beans and agave syrup for sweetness. It’s more work than grabbing that Almond milk from the refrigerator section, but I promise you, it’s not only good, it’s fun to make. I am often amazed we can make something instead of getting it out of a package at the store. (I know, my city-girl is showing.) If you have kids, help them make their breakfast milk. Make it the night before as a project—they’ll love it and you’ll know it’s fresh and healthy with no preservatives or sugar.

Oh, and while at Whole Foods pick up the ingredients for the Sunday Night Detox Bowl with Roasted Broccoli and Ponzu which is brown rice and broccoli fancied up with Asian seasonings, avocado and a special sauce you will make. Sounds like the perfect way to end and/or start a new week especially if we’ve overindulged during the weekend.

Sunday Night Detox Bowl -Beatriz da Costa

We invite you to try the recipe for

with Roasted Broccoli and Ponzu

included in our partner-review of

Bowls of Plenty

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Recipe courtesy of Carolynn Carreño

Available where books are sold.

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