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March 11, 2018



Cookbook Review:


Single-Slice Sandwiches from Around the World

Author Karen Kaplan



I don't know about you, but when I hear "open-faced sandwich," I immediately see a gravy-soaked piece of white sandwich bread with roast beef or turkey poured on top.



But, the fresh Avocado toasty bread treat on the cover of Karen Kaplan's OPEN FACED guide to "Single-Slice Sandwiches from Around the World" caught my attention so I dove in. I discovere it's time for me/us to break any lingering diner memories of those soggy sandwiches from childhood. 


Karen's writing style is light, she makes sense, and if you're not quite ready to make a trip around the world, start here with a culinary adventure at home.



Track down the recommended bread, cheeses, and other ingredients, then make your "open face" experience complete by serving the suggested wine pairing.


Savor a whole new set of taste memories with Karen's creative yet simple recipes and you’ll have no doubt that food and wine can transport you afar albeit metaphorically. 


How? Want to visit France? Then choose a Tartines recipe.


Do you know where you'll find Butterbrote and Butterbrodi?


How about Montaditos (see recipe link below) or Smorrebrod? 



Karen sets the mood for taste adventure with her personal recipe introductions and enough delicious looking photos to keep your interest.


World travelers, don't you wish you could recreate that Spanish Mayonnaise you had at that tapas bar in Spain? You can.


Wine lovers—see if you agree with Karen's pairing recommendations then report back — we'd love to hear from you. ​ 



This book makes a great gift. I notice instead of a German lager with Chicken Schnitzel, Karen suggests a “spicy red wine such as a Tempranillo from Spain or Sangiovese from Italy.” Put the book and wines into a basket—hint you LOVE Schnitzel. I bet you'll get an invitation to taste Schnitzel, open-faced style. Be sure to arrive with a German lager because, “Isn't it best with Schnitzel?” Well, we'll see. 


If you prefer e-books, Amazon offers the Kindle version for $13.26 as of this writing, but Google Play Books has it for $9.99. I admit I didn't know Google books  existed but I'm glad I found it.


What I like about Google Play is you can read a sample of the book before you buy. But best of all, once you purchase the book, the search feature allows you to enter ingredients or beverages you have on hand, then select recipes, rather than the traditional other-way-around. It's user-friendly, nice looking, and might be my new favorite way to collect e-cookbooks.




I invite you to try Karen's recipe for


Jamón Serrano, Manchego Cheese,

Quince Paste, and Spanish Mayonnaise

included in our partner-review of


posted by Linda Kissam at





Recipe & photos courtesy of Karen Kaplan

Available where books are sold.


Disclaimer: The authors were given a copy of the book to review. This is a normal practice in the book review industry.  In no way did receiving the book free influence our review.


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