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Easy does it grilling

Take this cookbook outside when you grill? Maybe not! I imagine many will prefer to keep “new”—unspoiled—so they can read all the wonderful travel stories it also included.

Cookbook Review: BEST GRILL RECIPES EVER, Fast and Easy Barbecue Plus Sauces, Rubs and Marinades

Author: Daniella Malfitano

B&W BBQ Family Fund

But, this little cookbook, I see it in your hands with evidence of BBQ sauce wiped-off with a napkin, and greasy fingerprints that reveal the most often turned-to recipes.

You can slip this book in your purse or laptop bag, pull it out to shop the ingredients, use your phone to hold it open for kitchen prep, then take everything out to the grill and fire-up some delicious food. Whew! That was a mouthful, just like those you’ll be taking once you start an eating excursion through Chef Daniella Malfitano’s new cookbook, BEST GRILL RECIPES EVER.

Beginning at the back, yep, you caught me as sometimes this is my approach, I immediately ran into “Grilled Watermelon with Orange Sour Cream Ice Cream.” Now, this isn’t a fast, prepare quickly recipe for grilling watermelon; however, you can use the instruction to grill the melon, or add just the Honey-Orange Syrup, but I encourage you to go-for-it.

Best Grill Recipes Ever book cover

Enjoy the whole experience—take the required time to make the complete dessert. You will need an ice-cream maker and allow 3-hours chill-time for the custard prior to serving. I’m thinking orange sherbet might work in a pinch, but making your own ice-cream is satisfying and will result in a real treat for you and your lucky guests.

Flipping all the way to the front, I see recipes for many meals you’ll want to make and each one has a great photo to tempt you further down the road to grilling bliss.

OK, I admit it, I flipped to the back again. How about a Grilled Pear & Radicchio Salad for a hot summer night? You’ll find guidance for making sauces and sides in addition to fish, meats and vegetable dishes. I recommend once you choose a receipt, read it to the end so you’ll know the equipment you need; and, consider the total time-to-prepare which is listed just under the recipe’s title.

Everything goes with rosemary on the grill

Gift this book to aspiring grillers and those who could use a little spark and spice to their meal-prep repertoire. Suggest they start with the recipes based on the least number of ingredients, then work up to the most.

For instance, first make the Cookout S’mores, next try the 7-ingredient desserts, and then advance to the watermelon recipe. Note: It’s pic is a 2-page spread introducing Chapter Sever, Sweet Grill. Indeed.

Go to Daniella's website, get her App and download her cookbook. There's something new everyday in this digital age. Right?

Available where books are sold.

Disclaimer: The authors were given a copy of the book to review. This is a normal practice in the book review industry. In no way did receiving the book free influence our review.

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