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Recipes for beauty

A recipe for beauty? Better yet, a whole book full of thoughtful guidance for beauty and well being? YES! The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide is the everything-you-ever-wanted-to-know book about making beautify products in your own kitchen.

Book Review: The Aromatherapy Beauty Guide, Using the Science of Carrier & Essential Oils

to Create Natural Personal Care Products

Author: Danielle Sade BSc, CAHP

Aromatherapy Beauty Guide Book Cover

During those hours in between meal prep, why not make use of your kitchen area to create quality body care potions so you know exactly what’s in the products you are putting on your body and that of your loved ones. Plus, your house will show off new fragrances to delight everyone who visits or lives within.

Review partner, Linda Kissam and I have the opportunity to keep up-to-date on food and cooking trends thanks to the cookbooks we review. It's a much appreciated privilege to be asked to offer thoughts on new releases.

So, when we received this particular book I wondered, “Why?” I soon realized it’s really not that different—making food from a recipe or making your own skin care products. You decide what you want to make, obtain the ingredients giving thought to allergies, sources, and the quality of the products just like when your shop for food. In the end you want the result to be good for you and if it doesn’t smell good, you’re not going to like it.

Fresh natural beauty products from your kitchen

Our teacher, Danielle Sade, BSc in Nutrition & CAHP and author of this beauty guide and handbook thanks her students who inspired her “to delve deeply into the unfamiliar scientific territory of aromatherapy” and we’re glad they, and she did.

Here you’ll have all you need to know—the how and the why. At first flip through I thought, this book is going to be way too esoteric but it’s not. There’s a lot of information here—the cumulation of 30 years of study, experimentation, collaborations and common sense packed into a nicely laid out reference and guidance book.

Tips, benefits, and how-to-use sidebars accompany the formulations, and discussion about essential and carrier oils is included so you can inform yourself and get started creating beauty products specific to your needs.

Essential oils can be fairly expensive and it’s not easy to judge their quality before purchase. Visit the author’s website to learn more about aromatherapy and products. This is not a a personal endorsement, simply a suggestion to consider when you choose to move forward on your own journey back to the natural products of Gaia and away from the chemicals used by the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries. Enjoy the difference in-depth knowledge can made.

“Every drop of essential oil contains a natural pharmacy.”

~Danielle Sade

Danielle Sade's Basic Moisturizing Cream

We invite you to try Danielle's recipe for

included in our partner-review of

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Recipe & photos courtesy of Danielle Sade

Available where books are sold.

Disclaimer: The authors were given a copy of the book to review. This is a normal practice in the book review industry. In no way did receiving the book free influence our review.

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