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La Copine

What happens at the Integratron, stays at the Integratron. Well, not always. Sometimes dreams turn into dreams-come-true like the opening of La Copine.

Anxious to try this “New American, Bruch Cafe & Supper Club,” my friend and I met for Sunday breakfast, asked Siri for directions, and off we went. There are lots of Joshua trees, scattered businesses and big open spaces after you turn off Hwy. 62 onto Hwy. 247 but then we found it. Yay! Determined to have the Golden Milk Turmeric Tea and Beignets, we ordered quickly so we could enjoy our treats as we took in the setting and decided on our breakfast order: SMOKE & HASH $13 "organic sweet potatoes, caramelized onions, poblano peppers, wilted greens, tomato chutney, avocado, 2 fried eggs.” So YUM!

Everyone there was animated—the small cafe alive and buzzing with conversations. Our hostess exuded pride and we decided she must be an owner—well, that and her La Copine tattoo on her forearm—so we asked about how she came to be there? Claire Wadsworth shared that she and her partner, Nikki Hill had visited the nearby Integratron for a sound-bath, thought of their dreams, were “guided” to this location and immediately knew it was their destiny (well, those are my descriptive words but her message was clear in her twinkling eyes).

We told Claire we heard about La Copine via a Comments post on my friend Linda Kissam's page—Linda is the President of IFWTWA (International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association) so a recommendation to Linda would have to be great, right? Claire confided several famous chefs had visited La Copine and highly praised Chef Nikki. We smiled. Indeed. By then we had tasted our meals and were delighted with the fresh-richness of the dish. The owners’ attention to details like the linen napkins and water decanters help to create an artistic eclectic vibe in this unlikely, yet perfect setting, and the food is locally sourced and really good.

A couple folks at La Copine's counter, 3 Beignets to share, and the neighboring "General Store."

We wanted to linger but realized there were folks outside waiting for tables so we scooted out knowing we would definitely return to try the FEMME FATALE, french toast: sourdough, grand marnier & vanilla custard, strawberry-maple syrup, toasted almonds, whipped ricotta, and share the Vegan WILD AND FREE V.2, salad: organic lettuces, shaved fennel & apple, balsamic currants, hazelnuts, pickled shallot, wild rice, free-range chicken, purple haze goat cheese, basil dressing, with Berry-lavender Spritzers to drink.

Our only complaints were the smallish mugs (I admit it, I am a Vente beverage fan) and the lack of shade for the outside wait. We’re hoping sun-sails are in their future and we can always order another interesting drink and try them all. ~Smile~

Visit La Copine’s website for more details. We’re looking forward to September—see you there.

La Copine

848 Old Woman Springs Road

Yucca Valley, CA


HOURS: Th-Su 9a-3p



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