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Nude Bowl

Skaters survive and thrive on-the-edge. Freedom by us—for us—in us. One way or another, skaters find their way to shred the Nude Bowl. Spots like the Nude Bowl inspire innovation and creativity where skaters strive for personal best.

Guest post by Jason Morrison, Bergster36@Instagram

The Nude Bowl: Abandoned. Filled. Shot-up. Filled. Emptied.

Today the bowl is no longer nude. Instead it proudly displays the work of artists and

the schralp marks of locals and skaters from around the U.S. and the world.

Skateboarders seek out places people have abandoned. We turn them into places of artistic and physical expression. Always pushing the limits, we continue to prove the Skateboarding DIY Revolution

is alive around the world -- even right here in DHS.

In skateboarding history, the Nude Bowl is legendary around the world. Here's Matt from Poland schralping the top.

Another day we ran into a pack of Colorado skater-chicks on a mission to shred the bowl and other undisclosed DHS sites. Did these skate-goddesses shred-nude-in-the-moonlight giving their respect to the bowl's past-life as a nude resort?

The magic of that night at the Nude Bowl proves DHS is in an energy vortex!

Learn more about the history of the Nude Bowl from Ron's Log, Life in the Desert (March 28, 2008).

Enjoy the video!


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