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Pilots in cockpit?

"Mom-Dad! Look! See the pilot in the cockpit? Wow!”

Content first published at Calculated Traveler - Aviation Museums Around the World - August 8, 2018

Explore four enormous, pet-friendly air-conditioned aircraft hangars housing U.S. warbirds. The Palms Springs Air Museum is a rich living-history experience for every visitor. Experiences include

  • Hands-on Daily

  • Climb-in-the-Cockpit Saturdays

  • Engines roar during weekend airshows.

Get close—no ropes surround these magnificent warplanes. Fall in-step with one of 350 volunteer guides. Each love to show-off the museum’s “59,” plus visiting aircraft. You’ll hear first-hand accounts of flying, manufacturing, overhaul, restoration, and life. Each story is unique with passion and personality.

That sailor crouched beneath the F-18? Reminds one volunteer of a 19-year-old son manning an aircraft carrier’s dangerous launch catapult. Another recalls a parent’s job meticulously inspecting installation-steps on a fighter-jet assembly line. A third tells an animated tale of his grandfather frantically installing radios in WWII fighters.

Oh, and those pilots that look so real out front: Shrink-wrap! Bet you can’t resist a nod, wink, wave or salute as you walk past each one. I can’t!

With much gratitude to all USA active-duty service personnel and our honorable Veterans, the museum is accepting Vietnam POW/MIA bracelets for a memorial display. Contact to donate.

Palm Springs Air Museum in Palm Springs

745 North Gene Autry Trail

Palm Springs, California

Contributed by Adrianne Morrison,

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