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So long, majestic Pacific. Hello, Spa City!

Anna by the Sea transforms into Aqua Sagebrush. Now what?

Photograph courtesy of Michelle Stabile @busybellehandmade on Instagram


Welcome to DHSLifestyleBlog! Together we’ll explore my new hometown, Desert Hot Springs - California's “Spa Zone.” I’m originally from the Los Angeles South Bay area, lived in the Inland Empire, and moved back to the greater Long Beach area “because the drive was killing me.” Then I exited the corporate aerospace world, sold my house, packed up... but where to go? DHS called to me... So here I am. DHS offers gorgeous vistas in all directions, azure-blue skies and star-filled nights. Add naturally hot mineral springs with healing waters, boutique spas, a small-town vib, and the best drinking-water in the world! I'm excited to blog about my new hometown, its goals & lifestyle plus share my observations, recommendations and yes, newbie advice on desert living. Might even post some "unrelated" thoughts or ideas along the way. Let me know what you’d like to know more about, or send me a guest post. I'd love to hear from you. Let's discover and create something new and wonderful together.


When you see the wind turbine farms

you know you're close to Spa City.

We are the twinkling lights to the North

Did you see us as you sped by on the 10?

We see you. Come on over for a soak.


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