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Speaking of nude...

If you’re thinking nude is the way to go, then on your next visit to Desert Hot Springs, select one of our clothing-optional spas.

To whet your appetite, following are links to some of our great clothing-optional spas:

This "natural hot springs fed, zen, boutique retreat” is located in the “high vibration and natural vortex” that is Desert Hot Springs.

Did you know,

“Anahata is the fourth energy point of our higher chakras, also referred to as the Heart Chakra”?

A European-style Clothing Optional Mineral Water Spa

"If you were to only have one massage in your life, Living Waters Spa is the place!"

Called one of the Top 10 clothing optional resorts in the world and named among the Top 25 Small Hotels in the USA for 2016!

Couples Nude Resort

“The sexiest hotel on earth, the best lifestyle club and the most erotic hotel in the USA.”


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