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Springtime in the desert

The desert gets busy this time of year. When graced by earlier in the year rains, the Mojave fills our gaze with flowers—even fields of flowers. It's a joy to go outside for a walk or hike... there are many areas to explore.

Be sure to watch for snakes especially if you live next to vacant land—a rattler showed up on my front porch yesterday. My neighbor's 10 year old son discovered that rattler quite by chance when arriving at my front door. We were scared and called his dad. Thank goodness, his brave & skilled father came to our rescue, scooped up the snake, and delivered it back to the wash. And I had just been outside, clueless, taking these pics... Yikes!

Remember to complete all your Spring cleaning this month especially any outdoor painting or "doing the windows." Check your irrigation, clear any clutter in the garage -- do everything that will simply be impossible to do during the hot summer heat. Right now our weather is perfectly warm and we often have breezy afternoons in DHS.

Oh yes, replace your air conditioning filters... Hmmmm... What else? What other chores and home-maintenance needs to be completed before summer? Long-time desert residents help me out. Share your thoughts and recommendations in "Comments" and I will include in a future post.

I apologize for the quality of this snake photo which I took while hiding behind my front door! Those of us new to desert living must reeducate ourselves. Learn more from Desert USA website article "Rattlesnakes and Their Bites; Spring Rattles In" for rattler safety information.


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