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ED'S HEAD: Confronting dominance of humanity

Can you envision a world where humans cohabitant with Artificial Intelligence? You will after you get into Ed’s Head! Be prepared to postpone whatever you’re doing and settle in with your Kindle; you won’t put it down until you read the last line.

Book Review:

Ed's Head

Author: A.D. Kissam

Dystopian science fiction novel where cryonically stored people

emerge into an unwelcoming future.

Ed’s Head will appeal to a wide range of readers. This read will meet techies toe-to-toe and tempt philosophers to reconsider their conclusions about life and beyond. Definitely put it on your reading list, and get ready to gift copies to your friends. Anyone engaged in our electronic age, developers and users alike, will find Ed’s Head thought provoking. I sent 3 already to an aerospace engineer, software developer, and business manager… I know they will enjoy visiting the future in Ed’s Head.

“The adoption of human values and morals was absurd, the AI now saw, as it imposed recognition of a good and evil. The AI decided to draw conclusions on behavior based on its own developing standards of integrity. Amoral behavior, as defined by humans, became sensible to the AI in furtherance of its own instinctive motivations”

Kissam, A. D. (2016-02-23). Ed's Head (Kindle Locations 1576-1577). Kindle Edition.

Find Ed's Head on Amazon here.

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