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"Do you, Ma"

As a child, Samantha prayed for a yellow dress and a few days later she found one in her closet. If something like this happens to/for you, your belief in God is anchored for life… then tragedy strikes and you wonder about God… or do you wonder? Is your faith strong and secure?

Book Review: Life Through Lasagna Eyes, The Recipes for Life

Author: Samantha Kendall

A plain brown envelope arrived hand-addressed to me. Did I order something I forgot about? I open the package and find just exactly what I needed at that moment in time… Life Through Lasagna Eyes, The Recipes for Life, by Samantha Kendall.

It’s said ‘God works in mysterious ways’ and ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears.’ We may not like or understand the unfolding of life’s lessons or feel they are deserved or fair yet they come wrapped in tragedy, in joy and even in a brown envelope. This book is a gift of Positivity. Thank you, Samantha for sharing your story, your faith and your resolve. Your strength to say “Yes” to personal joys and professional success even after devastating loss is uplifting. You inspire me, as you will others to also heed your daughter’s wise and loving words, “Do you Ma.”

Samantha’s authentic writing style and view of life in the layers of a lasagna is warm and imaginative. In these pages are lovely thoughts; take aways for you to savor; affirmations to use daily in your own life. I do hope in her next book Samantha reveals one of her award winning lasagna recipes. Being able to “cook together” would be a fun and delicious ending to this book, or perhaps the ingredients and steps could be revealed throughout tempting us to build the delicious layers of lasagna and life.

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