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Diabetes? Now What?

“Diabetes? Seriously? Now what?” Exactly. Sometimes we just need all the information in one place. That’s exactly what you get in the Diabetes Comfort Food diet by Laura Cipullo RD, CDE and the editors of Prevention.

Book Review: The Diabetes Comfort Food Diet

Author: Laura Cipullo RD, CDE and editors of Prevention

Not only are we offered great recipe “Makeover Magic” for all our meals, we also find tips on how to “Curb carbs,” “Fill up on fiber” and choose “Flavor healthy fats” in great side-bar reminders for each recipe.

Every doctor who hands out a Diabetes diagnosis should send their patient home with this book. To get you started on an improved eating path is a 2-week Meal Planner and handy appendix containing calories, carbs and fiber content of common foods. Then you can go back to the front and review the “START” section: “Shock, Tiptoeing, Achieving, Repeating, Time.” Finally, once you’re feeling “it’s not so bad” go-ahead and review the information about the disease itself (the stuff you stopped listening to in the doctor’s office.)

Of course you could just start following the recipes… this is, after all, what will Improve your condition while making you happy and comfortable to know all your favorite food is not off-limits. I’ll bet you can find a “makeover recipe” for most, if not all the meals you’re are currently preparing. You might find something even better without restrictions!

Chocolate Banana Stuffed French Toast, Grilled Pork Tacos, Caramelized Onion and Fennel pizza with Southern Pecan Bread Pudding for dessert sure doesn’t sound like deprivation to me. All we have to do is tweak the ingredients of our standard recipes just a bit and follow the clear and concise cooking instructions. This cookbook give perfect guidance and is one all home-cooks should have in the kitchen. And isn’t it good to know that making these recipe changes will manager, maybe even reverse diabetes plus help prevent diabetes in others who rely on your cooking. Win-Win for just $25.


My gratitude to Robert Rose, Inc. for the opportunity to review this cookbook.

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