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Fired Up, Ready to Grill

The combination of heartfelt recipe introductions, gourmet ingredients, advanced grill-skills & techniques, “Ted Tips” and details for meat selections make GASTRO GRILLING all you need to become an impressive master griller. If the recipe titles aren’t enough to whet your appetite, the pictures will.

Book Review: GASTRO GRILLING: Fired-up Recipes To Grill Great Everyday Meals

Author: Ted Reader

In GASTRO GRILLING: Fired-up Recipes To Grill Great Everyday Meals, author Ted Reader tempts us to expand our grilling expertise so we can experience new and exciting taste delights when we prepare his recipes. Not sure I agree, however, this is a cookbook for “everyday” meals unless grilling is your full-time hobby.

If S&P, garlic power, Lawry’s Seasoning &/or Worcestershire sauce are the extent of your everyday BBQ’d steak or chicken seasoning then GASTRO GRILLING will introduce you to a whole new weekend staycation grilling adventure as you work your way through these very appealing PARTY STARTERS, SIDE KICKS, SANDWICHES, MEAT, POULTRY, FISH & SHELLFISH, DRINKS and DESSERTS.

(Remember the movie, “Julia and Julia” where the young less experienced Julia cooks her way through Julia Child’s “Mastering the Art of French Cooking.” Well, if you fancy yourself a pretty good griller, I challenge you to grill & blog your way though these recipes.)

I admit as soon as I received this book I skimmed ahead… GRILL-ROASTED WHOLE BEEF TENDERLOIN WITH SPICED WHISKEY BUTTER INJECTION…Yum! I see a Holiday dinner menu forming. And the photography… it captured my attention and makes this book tabletop worthy. (I’m reading the Kindle edition so can only imagine how lovely the hardbound must be.)

Imagine your friend/lover/sibling holding open the ESPRESSO-CRUSTED T-BONES WITH GORGONZOLA CHEESE recipe for you, then searching for a post-it or napkin to hold their place because they can't resist turning the pages, showing you pictures, exclaiming over the ingredients and then deciding together what you will conquer next. “Doesn’t the GRILL-BAKED CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER COFFEE CAKE sound good for desert? Or do you want to try the GRILLED APRICOT CHEESECAKE QUESADILLA WITH LAVENDER HONEY?”

(Yahoo! This is so how I love to entertain… cooking together :-)

Oh, did I mention there is a whole section dedicated to steaks? Ted confesses his favorite meal is STEAK thus he teaches us about the different cuts of meat, how to grill them (even in a wheelbarrow or directly in the coals!) Ribs and Rubs…Here we have explanations and direction from this master, culinary consultant, product creator and grilling champion so soak-up his knowledge, fire-up your grill, and prepare to be delighted with the result.

Don’t forget to wow your guests with grilled drinks…Say what? How about serving a

  • Black Spiced Lemonade

  • Deconstructed Fire-roasted Bourbon Caesar with Tomato Bourbon Bursts,

  • Maple Bourbon Carrot Iced Tea, or a

  • Weiss Bier Cocktail with Charred Orange & Bourbon?

But wait… do you have a marinade injection syringe? A plank? Or the spices to make the rib rubs? If no, you can find Ted’s World Famous BBQ sauces and seasonings at You can order the book, a plank, spices and syringe to augment your grilling style and, if you are feeling generous, send a gift set to your BFF BBQ grilling pals.


“ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Ted Reader is an award-winning celebrity chef and food entertainer with a legendary passion for the open flame. He is the author of over a dozen bestselling cookbooks, a celebrity spokesperson and culinary consultant for several large food companies and retailers, and the proprietor of a popular line of sauces and seasonings called Ted’s World Famous BBQ. Ted is a regular guest on TV and radio and has been profiled in a variety of magazines, including GQ.”

Reader, Ted (2013-04-30). Gastro Grilling: Fired-up Recipes To Grill Great Everyday Meals (Kindle Location 6015). Penguin Canada. Kindle Edition.

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