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Rustic Pizza-zz

The idea of almond pesto never occurred to me. Nor did the notion that a really good pizza, like the ones baked in of authentic pizza ovens, could be made at home.

Cookbook Review: TODD ENGLISH'S RUSTIC PIZZA, Handmade Artisan Pies from Your Own Kitchen

Authors: Todd English & Heather Rodino

Todd English's Rustic Pizza book cover

Meet Chef Todd English who has every confidence you and I can create delicious pizza pies at home from scratch. He promises we can make “handmade artisan pies from your own kitchen” with his new cookbook, RUSTIC PIZZA where he guides us to make “The Dough,” sauces, and creative toppings—yes, even almond pesto!

I admit I’m leery of making dough. I don’t have the requisite "Stand mixer with hook attachment." I’ve been eyeing them on-line and in the store—pretty sure one is rising to the top of my Christmas wish-list.

I do, however, have everything else on the chef’s “Equipment, Tips and Tricks” pages. Maybe I'll just pick-up fresh dough from the local Italian deli? Sounds like a plan :-)

Todd English's Prosciutto and Arugula Pizza

What’s first on my "to make” list? You guessed it, a “Chicken, Almond Pesto and Arugula Pizza.” I used a rotisserie chicken to make prep extra easy, and yes, it was delicious.

Next up, the “Deconstructed Carbonara Flatbread” caught my eye since “deconstruction” seems to be the buzz word of 2017.

Then, after Christmas, I’m headed to the “advanced” section to make “Grandma Pie.” The recipe itself looks easy; I think the skills part comes in when making the “Sicilian-Style Pizza Dough” which I will attempt thanks to Santa (hint hint, see above).

Todd English's Chicken Tikka Masala Naan Pizza

This cookbook unfolds like an around-the-world pizza tasting adventure led by a 4x James Beard Award winning chef as your personal tour-guide and mentor.

After your tour, you will be inspired to go 'round again, this time, making pizzas all fresh, healthy and delicious—your family and guests will definitely forget about delivery, and never, ever again consider frozen unless it’s the pizzas you’ve saved to serve later.

Roasted Pulled Chicken, Provolone, and Basil Oil Pizza

Preorder this cookbook now and save yourself some money—promised delivery is November 7th. This book is a great choice for holiday gift giving. Include a package of yeast, a baking stone and/or a big grin and promise to be on-hand for tasting.

Great pizza without a pizza oven investment is a win-win for everyone—you with the apron on, and those in the aroma vicinity of your range. You’ll never regret being able to confidently whip out a pizza like a top chef “from your own kitchen” and now you know how to make the pies just like Chef Todd.

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Photos & recipe courtesy of Todd English

Available where books are sold.

Disclaimer: As is common in the book review industry, Adrianne and Linda were each provided with a copy of the cookbook for the purpose of review. While it has not influenced this review, these two writers are happy to provide full disclosure of all potential conflicts of interest.

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