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Let's bake cookies!

It's time to bake in the oven, not in the sun like we usually do here in the desert! I recently reviewed a great cookie cookbook. It has all you need to know to bake superb cookies. I hope you enjoy my review.

There’s no treat or desert easier to serve, gift, or snack-on than cookies, right? So, you can make your usual Sugar, Peanut Butter, and Chocolate-Chip-Oatmeal Cookies or, be more adventurous like my mom, who made lemon bars and pizzelles. Don’t get me wrong, all Mom’s cookies are worthy of devouring every last bite, but could we be hungry for something different this year?

Dorie Greenspan opens the door to a whole new world of sweet and savory possibilities in her new book, Dorie's Cookies. She shares her personal and professional cookie secrets: recipes, techniques and gear only a true cookie perfectionist would know to employ. For instance, how many of us pop in whatever we are baking as soon as the oven reaches temperature? I know I am guilty. But, do you know why you should not do this?

Set your oven to temperature, wait for the beep or the light or whatever signal your oven gives you that it’s ready and check the oven thermometer (the one you should keep in the oven at all times; see page 22), then let the oven continue to heat for another 10 to 15 minutes. This extra preheating period guarantees that the oven is hot and that you’re not going to cause the temperature to drop drastically when you open the door to slide in your baking sheet. Having the right heat the instant your baking sheet goes in is really important with cookies, since most cookies spend only a short time in the oven.

Greenspan, Dorie (2016-10-25). Dorie's Cookies (Kindle Locations 114-119)

Seriously. I think this tip will make a difference for everything I put in my oven. I’m finding I don’t have to “leave it in another 5+ minutes” — this always confused me: Is my oven off? Did I not get the timer right? Why can’t a recipe state the correct cooking time? Well, now I know a pro’s tip and I am a much happier home cook. Thanks, Dorie, you rock!

With Dorie’s wisdom in your Kindle library, or her cookbook at your fingertips, you will have an encyclopedia of cookies—no more searching the internet or cookbook dessert sections because everything Cookies is included in Dorie’s Cookies.

How fun will it be to serve cookies with cocktails, or bring a hostess gift of savory cookies with the recipe and a story? Each of Dorie’s recipes comes with a personal anecdote that will entertain and enrich your baking experience. Why not adopt this idea and share your own short tale or poem at the next cocktail party, cookie exchange or bake sale?

I would usually recommend a collection of international and gourmet recipes like “Mulled Wine Jammers” to an experienced baker. However, with the special how-to and how-come sections, I think this is a great buy or gift for anyone who loves and wants to make delicious cookies regardless of prior baking experience. Read the techniques, start with the easy ones, and by this time next year you, too, will be making gourmet cookies. Enjoy!

$20.83 Hardcopy

$19.99 Kindle


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